ATC Singles Ladder – Rules and Regulations

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Please email your name and NTRP rating or UTR to Entry for the Fall 2019 session will open in due course.

(Note: The United States Tennis Association (USTA) defines player levels according to a scale of 1.0 to 7.0 on its National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). The Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) is aglobal tennis rating system which uses a 16-point scale to measure tennis skill level. If you want to find out wht your current NTRP rating or UTR is, please contact one of our coaches.)

Players are arranged in order from strongest to weakest. Players can challenge up to 4 spots ahead of them. If they win they trade places with them.

The standard format for matches will be a one-hour timed match beginning with a 5 minute warm up followed by 40 minutes of no-advantage matchplay. At 15 minutes to the hour, the current game is finished and the game score is converted to points in a 10-point win-by-one tiebreaker to decide the match. For example, if Player A is up 6-3 when 45 minutes are up, they will begin the tiebreak up 6 points to 3 points. Note: if both players agree on an alternate format beforehand they may do so. 

Challengers should email players they wish to challenge. Challenger must suggest at least two times at which they can play in the current week. Higher ranked player must either accept one of the times or suggest at least two alternate times to play. Alternate times may be in the current week or in the following week. If higher ranked player does not accept times or offer alternate times within 7 days, they forfeit the match. If both players offer multiple times but cannot agree on any, nothing happens. 

An email list with everyone’s contact will be sent to each participant at the start of each season. This is how to communicate with and challenge other players. Players can challenge and play as often as they like. However, players are only required to accept one challenge per week.

The challenger should email the results of each challenge (successful or otherwise) to within 24 hours of the match.

The singles ladder will be updated on the website each Monday.

CURRENT STANDINGS (as of May 27th)
1 Rob Poole
2 Derek Ross
3 Colin Piercey
4 Gava Vadlamani
5 Ian McKendrick
6 Stephen O’Neill
7 Fred Kingston
8 Kelly Dawe
9 Scott Sangster
10 Fernando Moncayo
11 David O’Laughlin
12 Roy Palaco
13 Eva Przybylska
14 Stephen O’Leary
15 Gary Fader
16 John Cathcart
17 Ben Connolly
18 Cecile Chavy
19 Jim Ritcey
20 Vicky Wolfe
21 Dave Sexton
22 Cathy Plowman
23 Deb Fraser
24 Benita Sabean
25 Darren Caseley
26 Mark Moore
27 Victoria Apold
28 Billy Druker
29 Kirk Brouse
30 John Nicholson
31 Joanne McCullough
32 Michael MacDonald
33 Peter Boswell

Challenges (May 20th – 26th))
Stephen O’Leary did not defeat Fernando Moncayo (4-10)
Ben Connolly did not defeat Stephen O’Leary (7-10)