Junior Programs

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FALL SCHEDULE: September 8th - November 1st, 2020

SUMMER SCHEDULE: June 30th - August 26th, 2020

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All our lessons use the system of modified courts and balls designed by Tennis Canada for the age and/or skill level of the players. Scale appropriate training is used by many other sports (e.g. T-Ball, Mini-soccer, etc.) which makes learning the game easier and allows kids to begin competing immediately.

Red Ball
(Ages 5-7)
This program introduces the foundational skills of tennis with an oversized low-compression ball on a smaller court. Players learn basic rally, serve and net play skills along with activities that build tennis specific coordination. Rules of play and “I am a Good Sport” behaviours are also introduced.
6:1 Player to Coach Ratio
Orange Ball
(Ages 7-9)
This program is played on a ¾ size court with a low-compression ball. Players learn how to serve, rally, score and play at the net. “I am a Good Sport” behaviours are reinforced. Players learn to maintain a rally when receiving more challenging shots, serve with improved placement, approach the net, and place volleys.
6:1 Player to Coach Ratio
Green Ball
(Ages 9-11)
Players learn to serve, rally, score, and play at net in singles and doubles on a regulation sized court with a low-compression transition ball. Lessons take players through a progression of skill building activities that speed up the learning process.
6:1 Player to Coach Ratio
Yellow Ball
(Ages 11-13)
Players learn to rally with improved direction and height control, serve with better power and control, return serves, and approach and play net with volleys and overheads. Players use a regular tennis ball and gain confidence on a full-sized tennis court.
6:1 Player to Coach Ratio
Junior Rec (U14) This class is a natural step up from Yellow Ball. Players are competent and are able to rally with ease. Invitation only.
6:1 Player to Coach Ratio
Junior Comp (U16) This class is designed for competitive players becoming interested in tournament play and improving their overall game. Invitation only.
6:1 Player to Coach Ratio