2019/20 Season Event Schedule 

October 12 - Rookie Tour/Future Stars 4-6pm 
October 19 - Team Tennis - 4-6pm
November 30 - Team Tennis - 4-6pm
December 7 - Rookie Tour/Future Stars 4-6pm

Rookie Tours

It’s a lot to ask a young person to jump from entry-level tennis to the provincial competitive junior circuit. The Rogers Rookie Tour makes that jump more of a step, allowing junior players to play competitive tennis at an introductory level suitable for their age. The matches are played with slower red and orange balls on a mini-court. It is a fun way to start tennis and makes it easy for children to play the game, develop good technique and a love for the sport.

Future Stars

Future Stars events are part of a national program to bridge the gap between Rookie Tour events and the provincial competitive junior circuit. These events are designed for enthusiastic U10 players looking to begin participating competitively.

Rookie Tour and Future Stars events are ideal for players in red/orange/green ball classes.

Team Tennis

Team Tennis is a fun event designed to introduce matchplay in a fun, team environment.

Team Tennis events are ideal for rally ready players in green/yellow/jr rec/jr comp classes.