Sunday League Registration – Winter 2019

Note: These names are in no particular order.

cathy plowmanDianne Gordy + Karen RobichaudScott Sangster + Dave O’Laughlin (12-3pm group)
Jennie Busten and Martha Paul (12 spot or 3pm spot if possible)Pam Hickman + Karen Lycan (can’t do mornings)Fernando Moncayo
Jen SangsterNancy Lowery + Kathy MullaneGary Fader + Stewart Dore
Paul Morgan (later time if possible)Dave SextonCecile chavy.
Eva Przybylska + John Elder (not 3-6pm)Carol Connor + Vicky Wolfe ( want 2 or 3rd time slot )Dianna harrison +Marie Bourinot
Cecile Chavy + Roy PalacoTracy Clark + Janice Harlandcolin piercy
Al Verwey (1st or 2nd time slot)Peter RogersLinda Dodds And Maria Jackman
deidre taylor (am slot) and abhishek busherJanice Parsons + Mike Mason
April McLeod + Paul McLeod
Deb Fraser
Anthony Germana
Sarah Mudge
Tammy Mclean and Joanne McCullough (3rd time solt)
Grace Walker
wayne comeau ( 3rd time slot )
janet Wickstom and Pam cooley
Paulline Martin
Derek Ross
Cynthia McKeen
Suzanne Estabrooks
Kevin Nicholson
Ian McKendrick
Stewart Dore
Cindy Wheeler
Kelly Dawe
Donald Barret 902-478-2376
Michael Dickson 902-430-6434

Past Results:

Sunday December 16


Pool 3 – 9am-12pm
Court 1 – FINAL: Gary Fader/Stewart Dore beat Diego Senger/Jen Sangster 2-1
Court 2 – 3rd/4th: Larry Chen/Jeff MacDonald vs Tracy Clark/Janice Harland No result 🙁
Court 4 – 5th/6th: Mary Rose McIntyre/Pam Cole beat Mary MacEachern/Kristine Leppard 2-1

Pool 2 – 12-3pm
Court 1 – FINAL: Al Verwey/Dave O’Laughlin beat Vicky Wolfe/Carole Connor 2-1
Court 2 – 3rd/4th: Kelly Dawe/Cindy Wheeler beat Eva P/John Elder 2-1
Court 4 – 5th/6th: Sue Ehler/Liz Jardine beat Maria Jackman/Linda Dodds 2-1
Court 5 – 7th/8th: Cecile Chavy/Roy Palaco beat Janice Shivakumar/Valerie Grant 2-1

Pool 1 – 3-6pm
Court 1 – FINAL: Brian Arseneault/Perry Smith beat Colin Piercey/Derek Ross 3-0
Court 2 – 3rd/4th: Kevin Nicholson/Paul Richard beat Said Baydar/Scott Sangster 3-0

Pool 4 – 3-6pm
Court 3 – FINAL:Diana Harrison/Marie Bourinot beat Dianne Gordey/Karen Lycan 2-1
Court 4 – 3rd/4th: Chris Wickstrom/Wayne Comeau beat Janet Wickstrom/Pam Cooley 3-0
Court 5 – 5th/6th: Michael McDonald/Tammy MacLean vs Deirdre Taylor/Abhishek Bhushar 3-0